3 Tools You Need To Care For Your Lawn Through Autumn And Winter

3 Tools You Need To Care For Your Lawn Through Autumn And Winter

With days and evenings that are much cooler, gardeners and homeowners can take time to repair any lawn damage that’s been done by the summer heat. You might not be spending as much time outdoors right now, but autumn and winter are both good seasons to continue to care for your lawn so that it’s ready to go by spring.

These three simple tools will help you ensure a lawn that’s lush when winter finally says Toodle-oo.

Lawn Mower

Autumn: Your mowing will finally slow down, but you’ll still need to stay on top of the growth. If leaves are a problem, raise the cutting height of the lawn mower, fit the catcher, and use the mower as you would a vacuum.   

Winter: You’ll probably only need to mow two or three times in the winter. Use the catcher to keep the clippings off the lawn as they can lead to fungal problems.


Autumn: The lawn has a tendency to dry out in the autumn thanks to the windy weather. Be sure to keep it hydrated with a spray from your hose when it gets too arid.

Winter: You might be surprised to discover just how dry your lawn can become in the winter. Keep an eye on moisture levels by feeling the soil; if it seems moist, don’t water it. If it’s dry, water in the morning.

Weed Sprayer

Autumn: Though weeds are not as much of a problem as they are in the summer, there are some that need tending. If you find bindii prickles on your summer lawn, take care of them now as this is when they start to grow.

Winter: Most weeds stay dormant in the winter, but it’s still a good time to use your weed sprayer to treat bindii, as well as oxalis and thistles.

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