4 Reasons To Grow Vegetables In A Greenhouse

Greenhouses are an invaluable resource for everyone who likes growing herbs and vegetables. They used to be expensive and out-of-reach for many home gardeners, however, there are so many options available now, we should all have one. Once you have one, you’ll never look at gardening the same way. Suddenly, we are not at the whim of the seasons and the gardening possibilities broaden greatly.

Seed Starting

A greenhouse provides a place to get seeds started before they can be planted outside. If you live in an area with unfavorable winter weather, this may mean getting a two to three-month headstart on the growing season. It also means you can cultivate vegetables with longer growing seasons. The seedlings will be protected and safe in the greenhouse away from outdoor temperature fluctuations.

Grow Plants Year-Round

Many herbs and vegetables can be grown to maturity right in the greenhouse; no need to transplant them! In locations with short growing seasons, this is idyllic. It is also a great choice for those with limited or no outdoor growing space. Even if all you have for space is a balcony, you can grow vegetables in a protected environment.

Protect The Plants

Some plants are sensitive to temperature and light and may not thrive in the outdoor climate at all. A greenhouse provides protection from high winds, storms, hail, and heavy rains as well as from insects and other pesky critters.

Extend The Growing Season

For many, starting seeds in the middle of summer sounds like a fool’s errand. After all, in normal climate conditions, there is no way they will reach maturity. With a greenhouse, however, these seedlings can grow fully and you can enjoy fresh vegetables right into winter.

A greenhouse is an asset to any garden. With all the sizes and types of greenhouses available today, there is one out there to make all your gardening dreams come true.

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