A Place For Kids To Play In All Four Seasons

A Place For Kids To Play In All Four Seasons

Although the garden is a perfect place to make your escape, it’s also a great place to give your kids an escape of their own. Much like the man cave for dad and the she shed for Mum, cubby houses are giving kids a place to play, daydream, and enjoy some independence. As long as you have a tiny bit of yard, you can put in a cubby house

A Place Of Their Own

A cubby house in the garden allows your child to have a place to get away that isn’t far from home, and it can be used through all four seasons. Though a teepee is a good place to play in spring, summer, and autumn, it can get a bit chilly in the winter. Not so with a cubby house; the wooden structure provides just the right insulation to protect from the elements.

A cubby house will engage your child for hours. Whether it has a pretend kitchen, an outdoor garden, or just a place to sit and colour or craft, a child will while away the hours enthralled in activity.

A Place To Work On Skills

By having a separate place to play, children will learn to develop their independence. But they will also develop their skills. Handling objects helps with fine motor skills, engaging with friends in play helps with social skills, and using their imagination for games and projects builds their creativity.   

Adding a sand pit next to the cubby house can double the fun. Not only will it provide extra physical activity, it can also help them develop their large motor skills. Giving kids their own place in the garden can be easy, fun, and great way to get them outside no matter what the weather.

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