Don’t Forget The Kids When Creating An Outdoor Space

Don’t Forget The Kids When Creating An Outdoor Space

Everyone needs a place to call their own. A place where they can get away from the world a bit. In a time when Dad has his man cave, and Mum has her she shed, cubby houses are making a comeback for kids. 

Skill Development

A cubby house provides the perfect place for your kids to enjoy playtime outdoors in the garden without wandering too far away from home. But it’s more than just a great place to play, it’s a place where kids can learn and develop their skills. Research shows that kids take playtime very seriously. To little ones, their play is like their work.  When they spend playing in their own space, they engage with different objects, and handling toys can build their fine motor skills. Spending time with friends can build their social skills.

A Variety Of Choices And Add-Ons

Cubby houses can engage kids and keep them busy for hours. Some have pretend kitchens inside, others have side-doors and windows that open, and some are attached to small playground equipment like slides.

If you have enough room in your garden, add a small sandbox next to the kids-escape to bring about more adventure and excitement. Choose something that your kids can identify with and enjoy. There’s no end to the choices that kids and parents can both appreciate.

Have Fun All Year

By providing shade in the heat and protection from the elements in the cold, a cubby house can provide year-round fun. As we sail through autumn and head toward the winter, it’s a good time to consider setting up a place to hide, a place to play, and a place to grow in your outdoor space. Take advantage of the many hours of playtime your kids will find in the great outdoors.

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