Living The Australian Dream: Water, Sun And Fun

Living The Australian Dream: Water, Sun And Fun

If there are three words that can give meaning to our lives, its water, sun, and fun. But what is it about them that makes our lives so much better here in Australia?

Water Power

Water is transparent, odorless, and nearly colourless, yet it sustains life on this planet. People need it to stay hydrated and healthy, but water also has many psychological benefits. Research shows that the ocean has the ability to boost people’s health and well-being. For people living on a continent that is fully surrounded by water, life doesn’t get much better than summer on the shore.

Sun Benefits

The sun brings warmth and nurtures all living things from plants, to animals, to people. Studies show that the brain produces more mood-lifting chemicals on a sunny day than it does on darker days. This can lead to lower levels of depression and anxiety. As summertime approaches in Australia, the longer, brighter days give everybody a boost of happiness. Take advantage of every ounce of sunshine you can get by relaxing in an outdoor hammock swing.

Just Have Fun

Fun is something that people forget to take seriously. The kids in kindy are well aware of the importance of having fun, and adults can learn a lot from their play. Fun is a form of play that is spontaneous, informal, and has no direct purpose. Having fun and goofing around can relieve stress and help people avoid burnout from the rigors of everyday life. Head out to your garden and see what fun you can find.

Combining these three elements together creates an absolute recipe for memories that last a lifetime. A backyard swimming pool is the place where water, sunshine, and fun become one. Live the dream and enjoy everything that summer in Australia has to offer.