Prepare Your Outdoor Space Now For Preventing Pests Later

Prepare Your Outdoor Space Now For Preventing Pests Later

Outdoor gardens can be filled with beauty. From flowers to frogs, there are wonderful things to be found in your outdoor space. Unfortunately, they can also be filed with annoying insects and other pests. Autumn is a good time to take steps toward nurturing the good things and removing the bad.

Invite Good Bugs With Plants

There are several good bugs that work for you instead of against you. For example:

  • Centipedes eat slug and snail eggs, as well as fruit fly pupa.
  • Ladybeetles feed on aphids, mealy bugs, and other small insects.
  • Ground beetles feed on caterpillars, aphids, scale, and snail eggs.

Attract them to your garden by planting Sweet Alice, Queen Anne’s lace, white clover, and daisies. Let your dill and coriander go to flower. Be sure that your soil is rich, and cover it with mulch to create a habitat for good bugs to dwell.

Bring In The Birds

Birds can become your best friends when it comes to controlling insects. Robins, Wrens, Warblers, and Treecatchers are just some of the insect eaters that can prevent pests like grasshoppers, aphids, caterpillars, and scale. Let your chooks clean up over-wintering fruit flies and coddling moths.

Provide bird baths and water fountains that will allow birds to nest in your garden. Plant shrubs that that will give them a perfect hiding place. 

Welcome Water Creatures

Water features and small ponds will also attract bad bug eaters such as frogs and dragonflies. Frogs are nocturnal creatures who can consume large quantities of pests. Dragonflies prey on flying insects when they are adults, and their larvae feeds on mosquito wrigglers.

By helping protect the lovely predators in your garden, you’re gaining a beautiful group that can keep the insects away when spring arrives once again. 

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