Small On Space, Big On Beauty

Small On Space, Big On Beauty

Everyone wants to maximise their small outdoor space, but not many people know the art of doing it well. You might think that the key to small space décor is to go minimal, but that’s not always the case. It’s all about how you arrange the outdoor space that makes it more appealing. So go ahead and keep those vintage hand-woven baskets; when you’re done space saving, you’ll have plenty of room for them.

Try these tips for maximising your small outdoor space.

Grow Vertical

Make a wall of greenery that looks lush and lovely without taking up too much room. Having the garden on the wall gives you more floor space for furniture and other décor. The right plant selection is easy to maintain. Try these vertical loving beauties:

· Bird’s Nest Ferns
· Pothos, golden pothos, devil’s ivy
· Red and red flame ivy
· Dichondra, silver falls

Find The Right Furniture

Don’t try to wedge a six-seater sectional into your small garden area when you know that you only have room for a 2 seater bench. When choosing furniture, think of the two f’s: fit and function. A small, sturdy stool can do double duty as a side table; a thin bar table takes up little space but looks great.


Add the finishing touches that make your outdoor space look inviting. Outdoor rugs add warmth and introduce another texture. When you put them overhead, hanging string lights provide just the right light you need in the evening hours while taking up zero space. Outdoor mirrors placed on an opposite wall or fence can make the space look twice as big.

All you need is a little bit of space to turn your outdoor area into something special this autumn. And don’t forget the wall mounted outdoor heater.

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