The Beautiful Way To Add Colour To Your Garden This Winter

The Beautiful Way To Add Colour To Your Garden This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for many people. The days are shorter, the sunlight is less abundant, and the weather is cooler. It’s enough to make someone with the sunniest disposition want to hibernate until spring.

But what if you could add some colour into your grey days? Aside from getting your own personal UV lamp, there are several ways to boost the brightness and make yourself feel better when you venture to the garden. Breathing in the fresh, cool air is a great way to start your day, and it can be even better when your garden is full of inviting colour.

4 Ways To Brighten Your Day In The Garden

Turn on the lights. The easiest way to brighten your day…or night.  Outdoor lighting can keep the darkness away for a little bit longer. Plug them in at dusk and have a few extra hours to enjoy your garden relaxing or doing a project.

Plant cold weather crops. Plant a few greens like Swiss chard and kale to make your garden green, and to keep yourself healthy when winter colds come calling.

Get out the paint brushes. Paint is a great way to add colour to your winter days. Use colours that are bright and cheery, and look for those that are weather resistant. Get out the brush and make that retaining wall, a footpath, or even a pile of rocks look better.

Invite the fliers and the buzzers. Invite bees and birds to your garden by offering a place for them to stay. A birdbath gives birds a place to lounge, while winter-hearty flowers like lavender and marigolds attract honeybees while adding colour. Seeing life buzzing and flying about will remind you that spring will be here before you know it.

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